Command-line Light Control

Although I like Control4’s touchscreens, the Android app, and Control4’s SR-250 remote, sometimes when I want to adjust my office lights or turn on / off the office ceiling fan, I’d rather do that with a simple command-line application.

Since I typically have a terminal window or two open, I can quickly type ‘lights 20’ or ‘fan off’, much faster than I can start up the Control4 Android App, or find my SR-250.

To that end, a while back I created a small Lua script that does just that.

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Control4 Photo Screensaver

One of my favorite features of the Control4 system is that you can have Control4 touchscreens display photos as a screen saver, after a user-configurable timeout.

The initial setup of Photo Screensaver requires that a Control4 installer setup the storage location (typically on a network attached drive, or a local USB drive).

Once it’s setup, the homeowner or other user can use ComposerME or ComposerHE to add / remove photos from the screensaver.

While Composer isn’t a bad tool for adding photos to the screensaver, it isn’t a great tool, either, as it’s not all that convenient, especially if you’re running OSX or Linux, like I do.

I’d prefer something like this:

Web Screensaver Editor

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