Fake Garage Door

By popular demand, here’s a driver that will fake a garage door hooked to a controller:


Have fun with that.

ETA: Commenter asked me to explain it a bit:

Control4’s Garage Door Sensor / Relay is a combination driver, that uses a relay to toggle a garage door, but shows the *contact*’s door state. One of our dealers wanted to show a garage door in his project that didn’t toggle immediately after you pressed it (like a relay would), so I created this driver.

It shows a garage door on the UI, and when you press it, a (configurable) time later, the door opens or closes, as a physical door would. i.e. Press, wait a few seconds, the door closes. Press again, wait a few seconds, the door opens.

Pretty simple stuff, and not that useful for anyone other than someone demoing Control4 without all the hardware.