Handy Hacks Driver

Here’s a driver I did a while ago, and while it isn’t more than one hack as of yet, it is a useful hack if you have Yale locks.

It allows you to set the auto-timeout on the locks, as well as to disable the auto-timeout.

I use this driver to turn off auto-timeout when we’re going to be going in and out a lot, by toggling a button on a 3-button to red or off, and then setting auto-timeout.

It works fairly well, although I’ve seen the locks not pick up on it from time to time.

Download HandyHacks

Web Events Driver

I’ve had a few requests for this driver lately, sorry I haven’t posted it before now.

This driver accepts connections on the main (master) controller on port 8080, and sets a variable with the sent command, and fires an event.

i.e. if you do a URL Get to the following address:


The Control4 ‘COMMAND’ variable will contain MYCOMMAND, and the ‘Command Received’ event will be fired.

In Control4 programming, you can program against the command name received in the COMMAND variable.

The driver can be found here:


Fake Garage Door

By popular demand, here’s a driver that will fake a garage door hooked to a controller:


Have fun with that.

ETA: Commenter asked me to explain it a bit:

Control4’s Garage Door Sensor / Relay is a combination driver, that uses a relay to toggle a garage door, but shows the *contact*’s door state. One of our dealers wanted to show a garage door in his project that didn’t toggle immediately after you pressed it (like a relay would), so I created this driver.

It shows a garage door on the UI, and when you press it, a (configurable) time later, the door opens or closes, as a physical door would. i.e. Press, wait a few seconds, the door closes. Press again, wait a few seconds, the door opens.

Pretty simple stuff, and not that useful for anyone other than someone demoing Control4 without all the hardware.