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Who am I?

I’m RyanE, and I write Control4 drivers.  I also write Control4 4Store Apps from time to time, and have been known to write CGIs and Control4 tools.

I’ve had an automated home for 15+ years, currently implemented with Control4.


Why Untested Hacks?

Hack n. or v.:  (Urban Dictionary)

1. (n.) A clever or elegant technical accomplishment, especially one with a playful or prankish bent. A clever routine in a computer program, especially one which uses tools for purposes other than those for which they were intended, might be considered a hack.

2. (v.) To jury-rig or improvise something inelegant but effective, usually as a temporary solution to a problem.

This website is just a hack; I’m going to go back and put some real code in later.

Untested?  Well, I’m sure you can figure that part out.  If you can’t, it means:

  • No warranty
  • No support
  • If it breaks, you get to keep all the pieces
  • If it messes up your Control4 system, that’s too bad.

What’s included?  What’s not?

Hacks on this site do NOT include (and will NOT include):

  • How to obtain ComposerPro without becoming / working for a Control4 dealer
  • How to ‘DIY’ your Control4 installation
  • How to obtain free licenses to Control4 services

I don’t consider these hacks in the true sense of the word, so don’t ask.



Disclaimer: The views expressed on UntestedHacks.com are NOT the views of Control4, and I do not speak for Control4 in any official capacity on this site.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’m considering putting a Control 4 system in a new house. I currently have a Vantage Q-Link system that I have written software (in c#) for that lets me monitor events and initiate commands through the serial port connected to my own web server. I want to understand if I can do something similar with Control 4. Ideally I’d be able to do it all through HTTP Requests rather than a serial interface. I have been having a really hard time finding information on how access a Control 4 system at this level. Installers/dealers seem to have no clue what I’m even talking about.

    In your Web Events Driver I see you talk about control 4 “Commands”. Is there documentation on what these “Commands” look like? Is there anyway to have the control 4 system post to my web server when events happen like motions, light status changes, or buttons are pushed?

    In general, is there an SDK or documentation that would discuss accessing the system as this level?

    • I suggest you post this question on C4Forums.com. There are a lot of people on there who would answer their opinions on this, and will notice it a lot faster than I do comments here.


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