Handy Hacks Driver

Here’s a driver I did a while ago, and while it isn’t more than one hack as of yet, it is a useful hack if you have Yale locks.

It allows you to set the auto-timeout on the locks, as well as to disable the auto-timeout.

I use this driver to turn off auto-timeout when we’re going to be going in and out a lot, by toggling a button on a 3-button to red or off, and then setting auto-timeout.

It works fairly well, although I’ve seen the locks not pick up on it from time to time.

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1 thought on “Handy Hacks Driver

  1. Hey mate,

    Just curious whether you have created a driver for Dahua HD-CVI Cameras/ DVR (XVR7208) to display snapshot feed on C4’s touch interface & App???

    Have tried numerous things but cannot get snapshot feed to work.


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